What barrel for new build?

James Kiser

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Dec 22, 2011
Augusta, Georgia
im trying to figure out what barrel i want for my long range build. I have a 300 rum and im trying to figure out the maximum length for optimum powder burn. Im looking at 28-30 inches. What brand would yall choose? Im looking for the longest lasting (if thats even possible barrel).
I had a 300 RUM and had a 30 inch barrel put on. I realized that I could barely get the barrel out the window of the shooting box where I was hunting! If I had to do it again I would make it 28".
this gun will be a long range rifle first. I may hunt with it later on but i want to see what i can do on my property. we have some really long shots on it. 1000yds plus
IMHO you can't go wrong with any if the top makers, brux, bartlein, rock, krieger, lilja, shillen, benchmark and many many more. Those are some of my favorite, the most accurate I've had were brux and krieger. I'm partial to the cut rifled barrels, the twists in them are much more accurate sometimes with the button rifled barrels they are a little off say a 1-8" twist might be more 1-81/4 or 81/2.

Just my .02, hope it helped.

I have a kreiger on my stw and I really like it. I was just thinking on trying a bartlien or Lila or a hart. I'm impressed by their reviews.

Again this is JMO, if your set on those three I'd go first with bartlein, hart then lilja I've read lots articles about lilja's shredding bullet jackets on the more overbore calibers.

Barrel selection is one of my favorite things to decide on, and also a headache. There are always the "what ifs."

IF you can get a cut rifled Obermeyer barrel, that would be my first recommendation. The fact is Boots does NOT make a bad barrel. PERIOD. I have one on my 308 and I'm damned near ready to start making some bets at the gun club on who's rifle shoots best.

You absolutely cannot go wrong with another Krieger. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a Bartlein. Same for Rock. I hear wonderful things about Brux. Bottom line, flip a coin.

As to button rifled barrels, I think Hart wins the best reputation blue ribbon, especially in competition shooting. Broughton makes a fine barrel. Don't forget Gary Schneider. McMillan rifles uses Gary's barrels on their rifles, and the polygonal rifling is doing well at the bench.

They will all shoot well but I think some barrels just have an edge. My top 3 choices would be in this order: Obermeyer, Krieger, Hart.
Im going with brux on my build, mostly because it is a cut rifled barrel which i read somewhere is slightly harder than a button rifled, therefore lasting longer. gun)
Sometimes I'm inclined to try a barrel I don't have. Other times I like to stick with what I know. But guess what, I have yet to try a new barrel and be disappointed with it. Good problem to have right?

I plan on putting together about 5-8 new rifles in the next 3 years. I plan on getting a Brux for at least 2 of those. I'd like a Rock for at least 1. I'd like another Hart, and I'd like to try a Schneider.
Im going with brux on my build, mostly because it is a cut rifled barrel which i read somewhere is slightly harder than a button rifled, therefore lasting longer. gun)
I don't believe that to be true. I've never seen any evidence of it. Have you? Please post if so. I'd like to read.
after a quick search found this from krieger.
Q: Is there any advantage to a single-point cut-rifled barrel Vs other manufacturing methods?
A:We feel there are several:

  • Most stress-free way to rifle a barrel.
  • Bore and groove dimensions very uniform throughout the entire length of a barrel.
  • On average the barrel lasts longer than a button rifled barrel.
This is not conjecture on our part. This is information reported to us by military armorers and by very long-time competition shooters who have used a considerable number of both button-rifled and cut-rifled barrels.

I will do some more searching and see what i come up with.
My last build has a Brux on it. I too prefer a cut barrel, so if it were me I would choose the top 4 cut barrels that I wanted and then go with whichever can get me a barrel when I needed it.
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