What to build, what to build


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Jan 20, 2007
I'm thinking about my next build. It will either be in a 338 Edge or a 7 RUM. I have a light sporter weight in both 7 RUM and 338 RUM so this one will be a medium to heavy weight.
The question is... How much will I gain in velocity by going to a 32 or 34 inch barrel over say a 28? I'd like to hear what kind of numbers some of you are getting from the longer barrels. Does it make as much difference with the Edge as it does with the 7mm RUM? I'll either shoot 180 VLDs out of the RUM or 300 SMKs out of the Edge.
Opinions on which caliber to use for this long range hammer?
The 7 RUM can use more barrel than the edge. It's more over bore. I was just going through the same thoughts you are with thee 300Rum thrown in. End result sue to the long rem action 338 Norma.
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