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  • Neal, MO is Missouri and I was speaking of John Rice, who goes by doniphan on here. He said he had been speaking to you about your Edge build and he and I were both working toward building one ourselves. I have watched the video of the Muscle brake and it does seem to be a much better answer than those that hit you with backblast. I have spoken to Jim See on the phone and plan to have Muscle Brakes installed on a couple of barrels, both rifle and pistols in the very near future.

    David Hyde
    MO is that Montana? You live apparently close? Have you a Striker or Savage Target action for a build?
    That Muscle brake sealed the deal for me and my future in big handguns. I got so tired of back blast headaches that something had to be done. Lots of different configuration effective breaks out there that guys put on their handguns. As they get older and spend enough time shooting they too will learn what those headaches are about.
    I spent a very short time developing the brake and 9 months watching smiths and their work before approaching Jim See with the idea. SO very happy I have become friends with him. Quality guy with quality work at a none ripoff price.

    The Edge is a hoot to shoot now that I have got past that," wonder if its going to hurt" stage. I will have another video shortly of a Edge on a Savage Target Action. Rear Grip.


    [email protected]
    Who is Totch 94 and how can I be of assistance. I am Neal Cooper and live in Kodiak,Alaska. I am strickly a handgun hunter. Being a retired police officer I learned to machine after retirement. Most everything I do is to improve my hunting tools for a hostile bear environement here in Alaska.
    Look forward to talking with you.

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