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  • Derek
    I would like to get a Bartlien .264SS progressive twist 24" barrel like yours. Im building on a model 70 action. Prob get a McMillian edge. I would like to keep weight down but i would trade accuracy for exrta ounces. How light of a profile can i go and what twist would you recommend?
    My smith will chamber, thread,and crown the barrel and blueprint my action.
    Derek, I have been spending some time with my 270' and just wanted to share some info. My best groups, and load info are with 140 Bergers. Load info is 58.0-imr4831-140 Berger, 210 primer. Now here comes the kicker. Ave.speed. 3077, ES 24, SD 13. Nice cluster groups at 100, and around an inche at 200. Does this seem fast? Remember, I have a19.5 barrel. I am getting no pressure signs. The 130 interlocks shoot very well too. Max speed with 49.5-4064-130 interlock is ave. 2937. The ES is 18, and SD is 7. Groups are similar to each other. What do you think? P/S, I am building another STW, and looking at a 270 WSM . It is a factory gun, but it shoots very well. Take care and thanks. 7 STW. Bob.
    Derek, I am curious about the load for your270 with the 100 TTSX. Also, my a bolt has a 22 in barrel that includes the boss, which means that I only have about 19-20 inches of barrel. Should I be using something like Varget, to get the speed where it should be. Man, these smaller bullets really throw me off. I am more used to the big stuff , except my varmint and target rifles. What do you think, Thanks man. 7STW
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