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  • Hi 7 STW.
    Today I use Nosler 140BT bullet in my STW. OAL 93,5mm VV N165 80gn and Federal215 primer.
    Like to try the H1000 and Hybrid 100V powder. Do you have starting loads for me ?
    My rifle is Stiller Predator, Krieger 28" barrel, Jewell trigger in A5 stock.

    Best regards

    If I had not been shooting something else that same day that was reading corrected far as speed, I would have thought that my chrono was off. I believe that those speeds are actual. I do have slightly flat primers on the 140 gain load, but extraction was easy, resizing easy, and pockets are still tight. The 140 load is as fast as some 280's. Wicked accurate. P/ S, I picked up a box of Nosler Solid base bullets, 130 grain at a gun show. Not shot them yet, but I am sure they will shoot just fine. Thanks for the reply. 7 STW
    Well, a few of things that I find to work: 1. if your bbl is shorter, then use a quicker burning powder for optimum results. I still think 4350 would be fine in your rifle. 2. the bullets are 110, not 100 grain (FYI). 3. You should REALLY REALLY consider IMR4064. This is one of my all time favorite powders. It's just a **** good one for accuracy/velocity. I chose IMR4350 for my brother's rifle which has a 25.5" PacNor bbl because I had a lot of it on hand at the time. I bought an 8 pound jug of H4350 right after working his load up, so I just tried the H4350 in mine and ended up with using 58.0 grains and it is a laser. Both of our rifles are. My brother's rifle was most accurate with 56.5 gr IMR4350 and we have quite a few kills on video starting with his 2006 WY pronghorn buck at 200 yards. Just stiff legged that goat on impact. Awesome. His hunt was over about 3 minutes into legal light on day one. I suppose the first powder I'd try with a shorter bbl is 4064 and 4350 next.
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