Thumbhole Stocks


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Sep 21, 2003
East Tennessee
I have always had a love for thumbhole stocks and found a Fajen thumbhole varmint at a gunshow a few weeks back really cheap. I assume part of the reason it was cheap is because they are out of business again. Either way, it looks great and feels great.

I know that McMillan stocks are awesome, I have one and another one on the way, but I never hear anyone mention thumbholes. Is there a reason for this.

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I shoot one of Bruce Bears thumbhole stocks and like it real well

Crow Mag
crow mag i love that rest setup you have where did you get it.will a thumbhole stock work with a rem 700 sendero sf in 338 rum.the way it beats up my trigger finger im wondering if it would just tear off my thumb,thanks,keith
I got the stock from Bruce Baer #717-349-4077. If you have a good brake and some weight it should not be to bad Bruce makes laminated wood stocks that should work.
Crow Mag
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