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Jan 1, 2004
North Dakota
2009 has been an awesome year. Business has been good the family has been healthy, the freezers are full and I'm gonna be a papa again in July 2010. Life has been extremely busy and I have missed posting on LRH, but we are well packed in with snow now and was recently able to put this video together of some of our hunts we caught on video. All critters were harvested in this video using my 300 Jazz. We have really grown to like this case and caliber. It sure made long range hunting easier.Hunting conditions were really tough this year due to no snow and lots of standing crops. So I wasn't able to video as many shots as I would have liked due to camera not focusing in lower light situations. Hope you enjoy and straight shooting!


YouTube - 300jazz.avi
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i told you not to come to my land and shoot my deer and coyotes. just kidding you can come with again next year. hope we have snow. great video

next is the prairie dog video right LIZ...
Very cool. Where's the closing photo? Personally, I'd have been fine with some rock n' roll.
Nate, Congratulations on soon being a Papa again. +1 on the music...none of that head bangging or rap crap. Excellent shooting and outstanding video. What is the 300 Jazz...parent case, capacity, velocity etc. Thanks for sharing...great stuff.
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Nate and Liz awesome video, sure was fancy. Question, are you going to guarntee me first hit shots with my Jazz? All kidding aside I hunted next to this rifle/caliber when both Nate and Liz were shooting it. It has excellent down range accuracy and energy. Thanks for taking the time to put this together I realize you are quite busy.

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