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  • Hey, after having a remy's bolt fluted, what has to be done as far as lug lapping and head spacing? My bolt has been lapped and brass already fire formed. Is this stuff going to stay the same?
    Nate, BigBlack is Paul Graham. I sent a friend request. Man I can not get over this ruger ad the finish. You did a wonderful job matching up the finish.
    Hope all is well with you and the family. Now get back to work!! Heehee. Sorry Nat couldn't resist buggin you.
    Take care.
    Brent Belland
    P.S. My darn e key is broke and a pain in the @rse or i would right more
    i just left redbone a message, not sure if you know him. im out here working from MN, up at minkota. never been coyote hunting before, any suggestions on where to go? thanks
    Nathan,I wanted to let you know that the MAK tube gun is shooting excellent still! I won my first Tactical match with it last month by a huge margin!I have been giving your name out at the Snipers hide.I hope you are doing well.


    that is an absolutely incredible gun! you mentioned that you get over 3000fps out of a 180gr berger...I happen to be in the market for 7mm of some sort...nothing I've seen so far in ballistic charts seems to touch that speed...does that come from how you prep'd the cases or barrel length...or neither?
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