SSG 2009LR pistol hunting video

308 nate

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Jan 1, 2004
North Dakota
Well, I was finally able to finish my XP-100R project 2 days before hunting season and after 3 years of collecting parts, so I threw a load together with 140 Bergers and it shot! I managed just under 1/2" group at 100 yd. and with a little more practice I managed to stay sub 1/2MOA at 600yd. I must say these pistols are pretty fun to shoot and even easier to carry. I was able to harvest three critters with this pistol this year and got two on video. Took a few picture by a really pretty frozen stream while hunting.

Here are the build specs:
XP-100R receiver blueprinted
PTG bolt tigged on handle and diamond fluting by SSG
McGowan barrel, 16" 1:8 twist
SSG mini X-treme brake
Seekins 20MOA base bedded to receiver with #8 screws
Holland recoil lug
Factory McMillan stock modified, painted and pillar bedded by SSG
Single shot follower
Bushnell Elite 6500 tactical 2.5-16 mil dot
Tps rings
All gunsmithing done by SSG

Enjoy the video


YouTube - 6.5wsm1.avi
Great looking set up you got there Nate. That 6.5 is a terrific performer. I also have a 6.5WSM XP-100 but mine is in a mid-grip.

Very Cool.
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