2009 1st season E/S elk results


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Nov 18, 2004
Friday day before season
5 tags (hunters) leave for camping area with 2 campers, 4 4x4 trucks and 2 razor side x sides, I was the first to arrive at the hunting area at around 2pm and 4 cows and 4 calves run in front of my truck almost hitting my grill, the area we are hunting is right on the state line of utah and colo with the road I am on being the state line. That night around 10pm 3 of us leave and drive dwn this little 2 track road and stop and bugle, elk are all around us bugling and you could here them in the trees walking and busting branches,what a good start on a season

Day 1
Everybody is excited and we all split up to hunt some different chunks of private land we have permission to hunt, myself and a buddy go to the furthest chunk of land park and walk thru the gate and dont get 50 yds into the field when my buddy hollers GET DOWN HERE THEY COME, I look up at the horizon and 3 bulls are heading towards us, about the same time we see them they see us and stop I range them at 350 yds standing there milling around, well you have to understand this is private land with all 3 sides boardered by land that is leased by outfitting clubs with not real good relations between us and them, and us being so excited well legal shooting light is questionable I think we were in legal light hours but with no watches we just watched the 3 bulls go meet up with about 20 more head and move out, now 2 other guys in our party show up and we are telling them about it and I look to the north end of the property and there is a bull jsut jumping the fence going into the other leased land and what a nice bull he seems to be. No more elk on that day

Day 2
Everyone is up and a game plan is made, 4 of us will walk in on the north side of the property we seen the elk yesterday with 1 guy going in on the south side, we all park and start walking in when we here a bull grunt in the field, I elect to stay where I am and the other 3 keep walking and spread out along the fence line, they leave and I am getting ready so I start to walk out to a tree to stand beside and there comes the bull up alittle draw right towards me and I have no cover so I kneel down and put my rifle on the shooting sticks, he disappears so I look up and see the top of his rack coming towards me, with each step i see more of his rack until now I can see his eyes and he can see me, now the step and stare game starts with each step seeming like hours but with each step more of his body is exposed, finally he shows me all of his chest and I squeeze the trigger of my 300 rum and let the 210 berger fly to it intended target, with the shot he spins stumbles then gets to his feet and starts to run towards the other guys which had been watching the whole event and they blast a few off hand shots but the bullet I sent did its trick and first bull dwn a very nice 5x6 with the main beam broken off of the right side, after scoring him and seeing how even he is I have no doubt he was a 300 plus 6x6, I figure my shot was at about 60 feet when it finally happened LOL


Day 3
Very windy today and no elk in the propertys so it gives me a chance to take care of my bull and get him to the butcher and taxidermist

Day 4
Again windy with no elk in the propertys so we go back and regroup and have breakfest, while in the camper getting another gameplan I hear my B.I.L outside talking to someone and go outside and there is an oilfield worker that had stopped and was asking him what we were hunting and he said elk, the guy said he had just watched a 6x6 bull and cow walk off the road into the trees on some public land about 5 minutes from where we were camped so everyone hauled dwn there and of course no elk but my buddy does see some fresh tracks and follows them off into a canyon when he comes back his truck is gone so he sits dwn in alittle clearing to rest and out comes a bull so the next thing we all hear is him shootiing, when we get there he has a 4x5 bull dwn and the best thing about it is we can back the truck right up to him


This was his first bull and shot on his sons first birthday

Day 5 (Last day of the hunt)
With 2 bulls dwn its been a pretty good hunt, everyone goes to the property and jumps some more elk but no shots available so we all go dwn the hill to the public ground and I am driving dwn the road and see an elk on the hillside, I stop and glass and see there ie 3 elk 2 cows and one which is hiding his head behind a tree and is laying down, I range them at 856 yds and everybody with tags get set up and we wait finally my B.I.L says he will take the cow which is standing at that will get the other one up so he taked my 300 rum and lets one fly, with the bark of the rifle the cow stumbles and heads downhill and the other one stand up and its a nice heavy horned 4x4 bull, my buddie shoots and he stumbles and heads into some trees but never comes out. They go up there and he requires another round


we get the razor up to about 300 yds of the bulll and get him out then go back and get the cow out and go back to camp and spend the rest of the day skinning and relaxing, it has to be one of the best seasons we have had, 5 tags and got 3 bulls and 1 cow
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Thanks for the story and pics . If you don't mind me asking were in Colorad were you at I've been to steamboat springs, and gunnison .

I dont know why the pics came out so small maybe Len can adjust them????? I have lived my whole life in southwest colorado, cortez to be exact. That was our 3rd 300 plus bull out of the same area
The pics are "thumbs" according to the properties. Do you have a link to the original pictures?

Found the pics and just used the "Direct Link" address.

Nice bulls and again, congratulations.
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