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Apr 12, 2002
Loon Lake WA
CAN'T WAIT! That's all I had to say. Hope I made 'ja look! littletoes.

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When does it start and how much
. By the way what are we hunting littletoes? Terrorist permits are still on sale here in TEXAS
We couldn't wait. My son and I went out this afternoon looking for Jackrabbits. I took the 7 mag along hoping for a long distant shot at a coyote.

The boy was quite sure he was "The perfect rabbit shot" I guess we need to catch the local jackrabbits and paint targets on them. He's done quite well with some paper, but he must have had "Jack Fever" this afternoon. He kicked up dust all around them. The closest he came was to give one a pierced right ear. He went though about 30 rounds in his .22

We were heading for home when I looked over his head, hit the brakes and asked him why he didn't point out the coyote standing there, 25 yards off of the two track. By the time I got out of the jeep, and a single bullet out of the backpack he took off running. One of those angling away type shots. I hit him in the hips, and he went down in a clump. So Craig started out after him with his .22, The coyote jumped up, I called the boy back, and misjudged the range on the small coyote. I thought he was a little over two hundred yards out, he was actually 147. I aimed high and hit where I aimed. But he went down and stayed down. I carried the rifle back to the jeep, and the boy started out again.

When Craig got 20 yards or so from the coyote, he found new life. Jumped up and ran full out. That kid may have missed a few jackrabbits, but he hit that running coyote with his little single shot .22 and folded it up for good.

I bet you could hear our shouts of joy across the desert for miles around.
Bear and Cougar season starts August 1st here. Wen't camping over the 4th. They had 3 problem bears on the North campground, and 2 cougars sighted on another campground about 1/2 mile up the road. Went up the mountain a bit and all we could find was cougar tracks in the mud next to the crick. Not very big cougar. Ranger's said that a mother and two kitts were living close by and playing havoc with the local big horn population. Seen quite a few bobcats, heard Canadian bobcats can reach 75 pounds. Maybe it was just a bobcat. The hiking just weted my wistle! littletoes.
If we don't get some rain soon, I'm never going to get the chance to even scout for bear. They've closed the National Forests down here in SE Arizona due to the extreme fire conditions. As an incentive, they've added a $10,000 fine if you are found on the NF lands. Most of the good bear hunting around here is either on those NF lands, or on private land, only accessible by some serious 4WD roads, that pass though NF lands.

Anybody here know of a good rain dance?
Tim, just had a message on the E.B.S. that says we are to have severe thunderstorms. Sounds like we're going to have the beginnings of a few fires tonight. I shure hope not. The weather's been right for it, hot and dry. Usually means lightning. littletoes.
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