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  • Hello Philny1,
    I read a message on an old post about selling Left handed guns. I am in the market for a long range left handed rifle. Nothing larger than a 300 RUM and nothing smaller than a 6.5-284. I would also be interested in a deal on a donor action Rem 700 or Savage. Please let me know if you have something I may be interested in.
    My cell is 865-406-0388. Feel free to call if that's easier.
    Thanks for your time,
    Bo Townsend
    Yes, that is a good deal. Get it have it bedded. Shoot it a ton. When the barrel is shot out, have it re-barreled to 338RUM or 338Edge.

    Another option is to find a 338RUM LSS. It has the magnum contour barrel and laminated stock. That's what I shoot. I got it from Philny1 here on this site(mine's a lefty). Send him a PM and see if he has anything.

    You have a 338 RUM Sendero? I am looking for a long range shooter pushing 250 grain bullets. From what I have read this gun loves shooting 250 grain bullets.
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