Sleeping bag for Dall Hunt

I was in the nwt in July. It was 60 and a lot of sun. I had a 30 degree bag made by a big mfg company that is proud of their stuff and i struggled to stay warm. I was in AK end of Aug and it was 52-55 and rained almost entirely for 5 days. My 15 degree bag made me warm in 2 min. You can always unzip it or use it for a blanket. It sucks when you can’t warm up
I have had my Kuiu for a few years back when they were still giving 30% birthday discounts. Its a 0 degree and has been warm and durable. I used it in a windy blizzard inside my canvas cutter and another time into the low teens and have never been cold. My mother and I camped at 11,000 feet to climb White Mountain and she froze in her similarly rated Feathered Friends and I was just fine. Purely anecdotal and obviously individual tolerances vary, but I can't recommend the FF when you are paying this much for a bag.
Doing late July/early August in Northern British Columbia next year and late August/early September in NWT fir 26.
July/early August I use a 20° rated EE quilt, late August/ early Sept I use a WM terralite. I do have a SG 15° bag but that is an October bag for me in that country. If they are backpack hunts, I go as light as I can knowing that I’m not leaving home without puffy pants and a puffy jacket so you have that available should temps cool off significantly. Personally, I’d rather add layers than buy a single bag for all conditions. I can’t stand being hot when I sleep.
Decided on Western Mountaineering. Still grinding on which one.

I ordered one from hermans hut. The owner is a old dude and man does he know his stuff
They custom order them direct and can get down added to any bag
Id pay attention to the dimensions and the temp rating
My megalite is great for early season hunts
I need more room in the shoulders than what a normal mummy bag offers and it is great
I sleep like a baby in that bag
Who are you hunting with?
I also run the neoair uber light and its great
Being that you are going fairly early season, consider a little bit lighter bag with a liner. Bag liner doesn't weigh much and gives a lot more flexibility - just like layering clothing
I would second the bag liner! I never go without one. Helps keep some moisture and body oils out of your bag. For me, it also makes it much more comfortable. If my skin is sweaty or damp I don’t stick to the bag. I do t think you can go wrong with a WM bag. I would plan on some sort of dry to bag for it. Last year I ran a full down bag from Rab on an Alaskan mtn goat hunt with torrential downpours. I had no issues, while my brother in law had a kuiu and was wetted out 4 nights into the trip.
Any recommendations on the bag liners?
I would say it’s more personal preference than anything. The first one I had was more of a lite weight silk style as I had more early season hunts. The one I have now is cotton. I don’t mind either

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