Dall Sheep Hunt


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Nov 16, 2009
I'm looking into an Alaskan Dall sheep hunt on down the road, trying to figure up how much I would have to save. For those of you who have been....What should I expect to pay for everything, the entire price of the hunt, including getting there from the east coast? What all other things will there be to pay for other than getting there and the outfitter and license fee? Thanks for any help!

I put in for Dall Sheep in Alaska for next year. I think the deadline is close. Better check that now. I have family up there so I don't need a guide. I'm checking with my brother in-law for recommendations on Guides. Do you know where in Alaska you want to hunt? It's $5 to apply for the drawing and around $450 if drawn. You must buy a lic first before you can apply for the draw, which cost $85 for nonresidents. I was told this was to keep the animal rights nuts from applying for all the permits and keeping anyone from hunting. I'll get back to you when I hear from my brother in-law. You will probably be hearing from guys on this site who know a lot about this subject.

I just went this year: $425 for sheep tag
$85 for non res tag
$475 I believe for some kind of right-to-hunt fee
$780 for ticket from HIA to Anchorage. BWI would have been almost $100 cheaper
$210 for bus from Anchorage to Tok and back to Anchorage
$750 for charter flight from Tok
Around $200 for hotel in Anchorage- one night coming in, one night going out
Tips for guide and cook
baggage fees depend on airline
$12,000-$17,000 for hunt like has already been said in other threads

A BIG sheep after a lot of climbing and glassing- PRICELESS
The sticker shock of everything goes away once you finally get there and start hunting...Guaranteed.

Take whatever food you can with you. It's too dang expensive at airports and in Alaska. Try to hold over until you get to the outfitters because you already paid for that food.
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