Scope leveling idea


Aug 2, 2020
North Texas
Got it
Wish I had that inherent ability, but sadly I don’t
Since LR shooting didn’t really exist when I started hunting 50 years ago I’m sure I have canted my rifles until recently attempting Longer distances
So now I’m afflicted without the level crutch 😐


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Mar 23, 2014
Sorry if it came across that way, but no I don't. Yes, I try level my action, bolt raceway level, level on pic rail to verify. Level the reticle. I think it is imperative to to try learn w/o the crutch, and there is a system just for that. I use a bubble on my 7 saum that I shoot to 2K+, the rest i do not. I was banging 1.5moa plate at 1600 with a 6 BRA last Sunday w/o a level. I would just as soon not use one if possible.
I’m with you until I have fur in my scope. The mountains and of course valley’s, fog, and brush make finding level a task I won’t risk. On steel a bit off target is a miss, with animals it becomes an arduous task of tracking and unnecessary suffering. Given that, I continue to find a good effort at leveling scope to bore more than adequate for my shooting distance. This includes an anti-cant device. Those that shoot at extreme distance probably require more. It seems that most folks will find an answer short of obsession that works well for them. Others may require it.

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