rings and bases for a new sendero


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Jul 19, 2009
Just ordered a sendero in 7mm
I was going to use the Leupold PRW rings and bases
to mount a vx-3 6.5- 20 scope
What do you guys think of these mounts?
What are the best?
I really like the Burris stuff. My favorite combo is Dual Dovetail with Signature rings.

The offset inserts protect the scope tube and give MOA. The dovetails are very sturdy and secure.
I had Jim at Center Shot do some work on my Sendero 300win mag. He put EGW bases and rings on it. The scope is a Zeis 4.5x14x44 rapid z-800. The both look good and work great. I have not been able to post picture - If you want pm me with your e-mail and I will send you pictures.
I have a few sets of PRW rings and bases. They are plenty stong. But if you are going to get into long range you might want to get a rail as teh last poster suggested, with a bit of elevation built in, something like a 20MOA rail with the PRW rings. I have been eyeballing a Nightforce Unimount for the remington 700. Looks like it would be very strong and should take care of lapping the rings (maybe). I think the term `best` depends on what you want.
I was not going to use a base with elevation in it
I am planning on using a Leupold vx3 with the m1 turrets added
It has 94 moa of adjustment
I was hopping that would get me out to 1000 yrds
The PRW rings and base are good starter setups but I would recommend the Leupold Mark 4, Badger Ordnance, and Nightforce.

Mike @ CS TACTICAL.com
CS Gunworks is now CS TACTICAL.com
I like the talley mounts. The base and ring are one piece of machined metal. They keep it simple and secure.
Anyone have any experiance with the Seekins Precision rings
they look nice

I have a M700 with a Seekins base (20 min) rail and a set of 30mm rings. Do to the physical size, I chose aluminum. This brought the wieght back down to the nieghborhood of a steel Leupold 1 piece base and rings. The workmanship is very good and I am a happy camper.
I shoot a 300 RUM, Hornady 208 gr AMAX at 3164 fps.
The rifle holds zero and shoots very well.
yes I just bought a set from Glen. I can't say enough about his level of knowledge and the quality of his product. I do alot of research before any purchase and he is by far the best. Nightforce is down the road from me and I like there stuff to but the big bolt on the side of the rings hang up on everything. Glen's rings are smooth and the way the ring is machined were it fits the rail is way better setup then nightforce.
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