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  • I noticed a couple of your posts in regard to 231 elk and have a couple questions. I was wondering if you've ever spent time in the 111-115 units and how they compare with 231? Is the country fairly similar in both? I've been trying to narrow down whether to apply for archery vs late rifle. It sure would be fun to archery hunt but with the archery season closing about the time the rut starts up it seems like somewhat of a gamble? I imagine moon phase and temps also may effect how much the elk are visible during archery season. Also, broken tines are a great possibility during the late rifle. So many considerations! If you have any suggestions...I'm all ears! Thanks!
    What Barrel Company did you choose..............I was told at Pac Nor that it would be three months however the smith I used did not order my barrel right after I hired him to do the work on my rifle. He waited until he got several orders for Pac Nor barrels so he would get the multiple barrel discount that was why I did not get my gun back for one year.
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