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Jul 8, 2014
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just purchased a sako kodiak in 375 h&h going to mount my 2.5x10x42mm nightforce on it. What are my best options for bases and rings?
You got a magnum length action plus a compact scope. In order to mount it correctly with sako rings and bases I suspect you may need extended sako bases..

Im looking at a similar set up with sako magnum sized action, vx5 scope 3-15... I need extended sako bases to mount it with correct eye relief....
Contessa and near mfg make picatinny rails for sakos. Not sure either is really what your looking for. Sako rings and based will probably be your best bet for fit
I'm in the process of setting up a Sako 85 in 7mm ... Leupold vx5 3-15

You will need extended bases. Optilock extended is a good option. I decided that go with talley (I hope...) just ordered talley extended base - hasn't arrived yet.
Call Beretta, I have the Finnbear, and I needed the long bases. If your scope is compact, like the other members have said, you will need the extended bases. The base/ ring combination is more solid than the 1 piece Optilock. Sako rings also tend to sit on the high side, so ask what rings you should get with your scope. The lows tend to fit like a high, compared to other brands of rings.
I tried the 1-piece optilocks - really high quality, but they didn't work with my scope.

This pick is the talley extended


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Purchase a 20 MOA base from Near Mfg...have a qualified gunsmith drill/tap your receiver for this base, then use quality rings from Nightforce or Seekins!!

I have been there, done it!!
Exactly. Have no idea why Sako holds onto their lousy receiver / scope mount system. Zero flexibility there.

By the way, I own one, so I'm critical of my own rifle through hard core experience. The scope on my .375 Weatherby indented my glasses and left me seeing stars, because the Sako receiver wouldn't allow a plain-Jane Leupold 2.5-8x scope to be mounted with enough eye clearance using the Sako scope rings. This was around 1980 when fewer scope mounting options were available. Closest I've ever been to knocked unconscious from a blow to the head. It does sound like a guy has more options today.
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