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  • Brady,

    The tool is aligned to the barrel using the v-notch. It is aligned to the scope by centering the objective bell between the vertical lines etched on the tool. Then the rifle and tool are rotated until the spirit level is centered. The rifle must be held in this position during the next step, so it's useful to hold the rifle in a vise.

    The tool is removed and placed upside-down on the turret or turret cap. With the rings loose, the scope is rotated in the rings (with the rifle held in place) until the turret is level. Finally, the ring screws are tightened.

    At this point you can also level the anti-cant indicator, if you have one. Then remove the rifle from the vise.

    No other tool are needed to align the reticle. Other tools are useful for other parts of the installation process. For example, base and ring screws should be tightened using a torque wrench. A boresight collimator is useful for boresight alignment, but not absolutely necessary.

    Hi Bruce,

    I've read through your Leveling the Scope Reticle for Long Range Rifles article and visited your website to read the instructions of the 'Ring True' tool. Thanks for the great write up. I still have a question regarding "step 1" of the reticle alignment process on your website.

    how do you know you have the V-notch of the tool at top dead center of the barrel? Assuming it is, it would be easy to rotate the rifle until the buble level is 'level' as described; but I can visualize the rifle being rotated 5 degrees from level and being able to falsely rotate the V-notch on the barrel until the spirit level reads 'level'. Hopefully that makes sense. If you could provided more details on the steps taken to install a scope using this tool, i could better visualize how it works.

    Also, if i understand correctly, this is the ONLY tool needed to mount a scope on a rifle, correct?

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