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    Now Shipping - Amazing New LabRadar Doppler Radar Chronograph

    No. The unit triggers off the muzzle blast.
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    Need advice on testing during load development

    What gun are you shooting? Type of stock? Bedded? What size group and muzzle velocity ES are you trying to reach (how good is good enough)?
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    All around rifle help please

    If you like Vanguards, what about a Howa stainless? Replace the trigger and add a Karsten cheek rest. Other possible mods include a spacer to increase the LOP, and cutting off 2-4" of barrel to improve stiffness and reduce weight. You could have the muzzle threaded for a brake at the same time...
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    New gun! Rem 5R .308

    It was easy for me to get the X-mark trigger on my Rem700 5R down to about 2.5 lbs pull weight. I just backed out the upper screw (the one with paint on it) about two turns, and applied gun oil to all exposed pins and holes. My trigger is safe and reliable. From what I've read, and my own...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT Swarovski Z6 with brh Reticle

    You can dial range with this scope using Micrometer Style Turrets. This turret upgrade is a good compromise if you want a compact scope with covered turrets.
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    taking the zerostop of a swaro 3-18

    This^. Removing the stop could affect your warranty. I would instead remove the the plastic ring that engages with the stop. The knob would be able to rotate the entire elevation range, and there would be no zero stop. I would save the ring to restore the zero stop if needed. The long term...
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    375 AM/SnipeTac/CheyTec Reloading

    Roy, I use a normal press up to 340 Wby, and a Dillon for 50BMG. In my experience, case lube makes a big difference when resizing these big cases. I like RCBS and Dillon brands (in the pump bottles). One Shot has not worked for me. What are you using? I find it's important to apply a thin coat...
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    hitting way high

    mmk, your process of elimination has left only a few options. I suspect the barrel is installed crocked in the receiver. This a common problem with production rifles. It's easy to confirm this problem when the impacts are left or right. I simply place a metal straight edge across the receiver...
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    Where to acquire exbal program

    Exbal is no longer in business.
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    Greetings from California

    Welcome to LRH! Sorry to hear about the political issues up there in the Trinity area. We got 'em down in Ventura County as well. The drought and predators have definitely put the hurt on the buck population down here. A situation like this calls for individual community service work - and a...
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    Rem 700 5R and Spuhr Rings

    I just put a Karsten cheek rest on a Rem 5R .308. It was easy to install using a drill press. Fit is near perfect.
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    Seeking Advice on Caliber Choice

    OP didn't say at what max ranges he wants to shoot moose and WT. If conditions limit the range to under 300 yds, I would recommend a larger caliber. All the .300 cal options mentioned are likely to damage meat at short range, unless you can safely handload down to a much lower MV (not trivial)...
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    LabRadar Chronograph Review

    That's what I said when I shot the company's chronograph during a ballistics test.
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    LabRadar Chronograph Review

    How long before Reloder28 shoots his Magnetospeed?

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