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Nov 26, 2009
ordered a Sightron sIII 6-24x50 scope to go on my new 338 RUM. Action is Remmington 700. Can I get some suggestions on rigs and bases? I've always used Talley rings and bases, but want to go with 1 piece base with 20 MOA built in. Thoughts?
I have two Remington 700 Senderos chambered in 7mm STW with Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP EBR-1 MOA Reticle scopes on each of them. The set-up I use on each of them is a 20 MOA EGW for the Picatinny rail and low Burris 30mm Tactical Rings. They seem to hold pretty well with the recoil and with the 20 MOA rail I can dial it out to over 1,000 yards if I want.

Below are a few pictures of my twin Remington 700 Sendero 7mm STW rifles with the set-up I mentioned above.


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With that cartridge, I'd see about getting a 30 MOA base, if not a 40. Ken Farrel has some...

You have the ballistics to shoot out to a mile... but you'll need more elevation than a 20 MOA base will give you.

Where will you find the opportunity to ever shoot a mile? Well... we'll be hosting a 1 mile shoot this spring, date to be announced later. Southwest Virginia... should be fun. :)

Thanks guys. Ended up going with Warne 20 MOA 1 piece base and Warne Tactical rings. Should be a good combo
the way to do it is mount the scope with a cheap base that doesn't have any slant. sight your gun in, then see how many minutes of travel you have available. this takes all of the guess work out of the equation. now you can get a base that will give you most of what you have in turret travel. i just set my big gun up doing this and i have about 7 minutes from the bottom as a zero.
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