Rings and bases?

Goose Bandit

Mar 6, 2012
Hi guys, I will be setting up a new rifle in the next couple of weeks and am trying to figure what bases and rings to put on it. I ordered a Remington sendero SFII in a 7mm Mag, and putting a Zeiss conquest 6.5-20x50 on top. I do plan on stretching the legs on the gun, do I need to look at getting a 20 moa base? Any info is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance!!
Congrats on your choice of rifle and scope combo,I also have a sendero in 7 MM and the 6.5x20 conquest scope ,mine wears a egw 20 moa base and burris signature rings .This combo is capable of sub .5 reliably and 1000+ yd .Good luck with the endeavor.gun)
With a rail and a 50mm objective you can use lows and still have extra room. I would look at a 20 MOA steel TPS rail. they are pretty cheap and have an intregal recoil lug for added rigidity in your mount.
I've got the same rifle with Burris bases and Burris Signature rings. It works very well, and actually sighted in perfectly at 200 yards with the Zero size inserts. However, to get more adjustability from the scope I swapped the front inserts to a -20 (down, which means +20 up) and it works very well.
Thank you guys for the help so far!! Anyone else have more suggestions, if so I am all ears! Thank you for your help!!
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