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Oct 8, 2006
Oklahoma City, Ok
Well I'm in the market for a set of rings and bases and beside the normal day to day names could you folks point me to some other places that make rings and bases? these will be going on a short action Savage mod 10, the rings will be 30mm and the base needs to have +20MOA. Later,

I use Badger Ordandance 20moa bases and Leupold PRW rings. This combo works for me. I see your an okie too.
Seekins, try them aand I beleive that you will agree that they are exceptional
Seekins, try them aand I beleive that you will agree that they are exceptional

+1, and we stock them, and are also getting a nice shipment this week, and a BIG shipment before Glen leaves for hunting in September.

rdm, yep Okc if ya had to put me in a general area.

On the Seekins rings and bases are they steel or aluminum? this rifle is going to see some rough places, in a drag bag I would hope would be the worst of it! going to try my hand at some of the tactical matches next year after I get the thing built. Later,

If we can be of help fee free to let me know.

We have the 20moa Badger bases for the Savage in stock and rings.

Mike @ CSGW
The only rings I use are the Burris Signature Zee Rings with the plastic inserts. They have exceptional holding power, won't ever mar a scope, and with the offset inserts you don't need to screw with tapered bases or lapping rings. When the patent runs out every scope maker will be using this design. At least if they have any brains they will. Bill T.

MidwayUSA - Burris 30mm Signature Zee Weaver-Style Rings Matte High
I you want to save some money but have a legit tactical type rig i would tell you to go with the Warne 20 MOA picatinney rail base and then Leupold PRW rings. The whole set would run you around $120 or so, about the same as alot of those other bases. Leupold and NF rings have a great look to them and the locking nut makes it easier to take them off but honestly i think the PRW rings are just as strong.

Oh and +1 for the fellow Okie's!! when is this **** state gonna cool down, 107 deg in El Reno this last weekend!!!!

take it easy
Your preachin' to the chior on the heat dude! my new job has me out in it 95% of the time but I'd like to go do some shooting without sweating my @$$ off! good thing about the heat is that I know my 243 load will not go POOF before it hits the target :D got out and banged some steel 2 weekends ago and noon it was 102.

Steve, I might need to give you a shout on a Nightforce scope, do I get a good guy discount? Later,

I agree the Leupold PRW rings are strong but I'm not a fan of Warne bases their rings are nice. Again the PRW rings will work for a lot of shooters.

What makes the MK4, Badger, and Nightforce rings so nice besides there finish, and the quality of machining, is the fact you can take off the scope put and put it back on with a 65 to 68 In/LB Torque Wrench and it will return to 0.

Mike @ CSGW
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