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  • Sorry I don't have the 338 any more.
    All my load data went with the gun.
    Best to experiment with seating depths.
    The Barnes bullets like to jump the lands.
    You can use Barnes recommendations as a starting point.
    Where you end up may be different depending on your chamber.
    Good luck
    I loaded the 338 RUM with 94.0 of H1000 with RP Brass and CCI 250
    At .040 off the lands with the 225gr TTSX it rest on the bottom of the 3rd Band.
    I noticed Barnes Manual suggest 3.600" COAL. But my load exceeds that quite well.
    What COAL is yours? Thanks
    Do you still use the 338 RUM with 225 TTSX with H1000
    I just bought one and working my loads any advice would be appreciated
    Thanks jeff in Alaska
    Hey Pete, I just saw this message. i did not know about this feature. If you are still looking for infor on the I-Touch I have the 16G. I use mine for everything and still have a bunch of memory left. Hundred songs, dozen movies, pics and a bunch of apps (ballistic programs). Spend a litle more and no worries of filling it. Congrats on getting the new stick, I hate waiting and knowing it is done and still not having it is the worst. Anytime you want to talk speed goats do not hesitate. Shawn
    .223 for varmits up to and including coyote
    .270 for deer
    have taken many deer 5 bull moose 1 bull elk with .308
    have past on bull moose because I thought 400 + yds
    was too great a distance.
    Bought a .300 win mag have taken mule buck @ 400yds good wht buck more than
    200yds and my personal best bull moose @ 125 he went the furthest 100yds
    with a double lung shot so after all that I guess I could of stayed with the .308
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