Reloading Bench

Paul Dunagan

Oct 24, 2012
San Angelo, Tx
Just would like to share my Reloading Bench made from white oak with walnut trim Reloading Bench#21.jpg

Reloading Bench#22.jpg

Reloading bench#24.jpg
I think I would have wanted a bit more counter space (I often load in fairly large quantities), but that is one beautiful piece of furniture! Very nicely done, and a real shame to hide it away in a basement or garage. That should be out in the living room!
Fantastic lookin' work bench! I'd be afraid to use it... and if my wife saw it, she would probably confiscate it to use for her sewing and the like.
Very nicely done for sure!! Did you build it yourself or have it built or ???? Regardless, it is very nice.
Built every thing except the Butcher Block Top it came from Grizzley the basic cabinet plan came from Woodsmith Feb-Mar 2010 Issue just added 2 inches to the depth and made a double cabinet for more room. The base idea came from a woodworking bench
additional drawers could be added later. Took about 8 weeks in spare time. I was reloading on my wood working bench and got tired of having to retrieve every thing each time so I just created a home for reloading. Materials ran about $790.00
Yes, built every thing except the butcher block top it was cheaper to get from Grizzley than build. Built from white oak with walnut trim the only ply wood is the drawer sides and bottoms.
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