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  • hey kevin,talked to you at lodi wi....I`ve got some NEW 22-250 lapua brass that is .006" bigger at the base than Winchester or rem. or federal..... my dies won`t size it to get into gun......does it all run this big...???
    bill larson

    When are you guys going to make brass for the 338 Edge? Shawn Carlock is selling Bertram brass for $3.00 each and can't keep up with the demand.

    Hello Mr. Thomas.

    Your new 308 Palma brass with small flash hole is awesome brass. The weight consistency out of the box before sizing was amazingly consistent! Additionally, the new blue boxes are convenient and versatile!

    Thank you for another quality product offering!!

    Mr. Thomas,

    I was wondering if you had any knowledge of where Nosler gets their brass? So rumors of rebadged Norma floated around for awhile but not confirmation of that.

    Also thanks for making .260 Rem brass, Lapua just added another rifle project to my list.

    Best regards,
    Eric Knott

    I was given your contact info by a member at snipershide.com and was told that you are the US rep for Lapua. I recently bought 2 boxes of .308 Lapua brass for some long range loads. Upon opening one of the boxes, I found it short a couple pieces of brass. Additionally, I found the brass to be very inconsistent as far as length and neck tension. Of course these problems could both be remedied by some trimming and sizing, but for the price I paid, I didn't expect to have to do prep work before loading the first time. I hope the second box doesn't have the same issues as the first. Please let me know if you can at least make up for the couple of missing pieces.

    Joe Mott
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