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  • Sorry I didn't answer you. I quit looking at this sight. I posted something about wolves and there are so many experts on here that have never seen a wolf. I don't need to communicate with people like that. I live near Salmon. Got into the wolves on Monday. I was looking at Gunwerks 7 LRM and this sight came up. That is why I am here now.
    Greetings. Just noticed your posts about barrels coated with melonite or Nitrided . Did you ever get yours done? How was it and who did it? I live in Kamiah and love to shoot & hunt LR. Sometime we ought to get some area guys and do a shoot. Chris Graves
    Probably not, its about a year old and I paid leupold for windage and elevation turrets on it so i've got 800 or a little better in it. I kinda wish I had of gotten the 50mm objective and that's why I offered to trade it. Thanks, JS
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