Yeah No poblem first save your pic you want to post on your hard drive ....usually I just put in my pics then go to http://tinypic.com/ click on browse ...find the pic you want click open ....then click host it ..wait for a few seconds and you will see the url down below... so copy it, thne click image at the bottom of this screen LR Hunting (Image))and just paste the url you had copied from tiny pic .com in the box at the upper right corner of the box that appears asking for the URL then click Post....or you could click view just to make sure all is ok and the pic is actually there.
this is all free so no Sign up or cost to you. I hope it works out for you
ohhh yeah after you see everything is ok don't forget to click ADD Reply
No Problem Shawn Glad I was able to help ...I know by the instructions it may look a little intimidating but now you know simple as pie!!!! Congrats on a super nice Buck!!!!
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