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May 8, 2011
Sorry to bother you guys but for some reason I can't post pictures anymore and couldn't find a sticky on how to. Can someone provide the link or what I am doing wrong. Thanks!
The thread with the more specific instructions is in the reloading thread.
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This.... I literally just uploaded this picture.
Where is or what is a Image URL:?

It's a Uniform Resource Locator. It's a network address that points to the pic on another server. It is used with things like Photo Bucket or whatnot.

Lot's of folks just want to upload a pic from their computer. To do that use the Upload a file button between "Reply to Thread" and "Preview..." buttons at the bottom of the edit window. And select "full Image" if you want it embedded as a full pic in your message.

Like this.....

If you're trying to upload files from a phone or computer, the system likes smaller files. I found this out when I upgraded my phone. New camera takes too high of quality photos. I have to shrink them to get them to upload.
a). you have to create an account with a website that hosts pictures. IMGUR.COM or PHOTOBUCKET.COM. I believe you can also use your Facebook Pictures if you use that social media account. (Photobucket has been a mess lately).

b). Load your picture to that website IMGUR.COM, PHOTOBUCKET, FACEBOOK, etc.

c). Once the picture is loaded. Right click on top of the picture (if you have a windows). Control click if you have a mac.

d). A tab will open up. Scroll down for an option that says, "Copy URL Address" or "Copy Image Address." Click that option.

e). Come back to this page and follow the instructions above.

It seems like a lot of steps but once you do it once or twice you will fly through the process.
This question really makes me feel weak, Image Url is an external link that has to be imputed to LRH forum so the image can be visible.
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