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Jul 27, 2001
Trying to post some pictures of my new RUM but can't seem to figure it out. Went to but my CD file sizes are too big to upload.

Any suggestions? Any other sites to link to?

Depending upon which picture editor/viewer you have loaded on your PC you can open the pictures from your CD, resize them to something in the 2" x 2" range and save them to your local hard drive (not to the Cd). Upload these much smaller images to Hunt101 or e-mail them to me and perhaps I can load them onto my webspace and give you the link.
I did what gonehuntingagain is talking about but let me tell you. There is absolutely NO WAY that I could have figured it out on my own. If you are a computer dope like me and you dont have someone to show you how I would just email the picts to a moderator and have them walk you through the process.
Groovebullets site makes it pretty simple. After you go into your gallery, tell it to post a pic, then browse to it on your machine and upload it - done.
Then when you want to show it on another site (like this one) just copy the url to the picture, click the image button and past and your pretty much done.

Kind like this:
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