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gonzo exspress

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Apr 20, 2003
can anybody tell me How you guys do this? I am about to go out of my mind trying to figure it out by myself. trying to show a picture of the 300 Gonzo and the 30-338 lapua, soon to be the 300 wade express.
Sodbuster, for posting photos on this site you will need to set-up an on-line photo album. There aren't many free ones anymore but one that I use is Image
After you create an album and get some images up-loaded, open up a photo and copy the images URL which is found by right-clicking on the image and scrolling down to "properties".
Then link it on here with the "IMAGE" button below your text box.
The only drawback to ImageStation is that the image you link from is not a full resolution photo like your original. IOW, the image is not as sharp as the original.
Email me if you need more help.

These are some shots of a Pa. Longrifle made by M. Fordney of Lancaster County.



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fc0694cb.jpg (.thumb)

The (.thumb) at the end messed up your URL messed the image posting up. I simply removed it to post the link for you.

Are you right clicking on the image itself you want to post, selecting "properties" and copying the URL address from there, or somewhere else? That's what works for me...

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My turn to try this out.

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