how do i post a picture?


Oct 25, 2004
I was trying to post a picture of my first coyote. The picture was on a digital camera and I can not fugure out how to post it. If anyone knows how please tell me!

You have to find a web site to host your pictures. Like this free place. go to this site and register.

1. Copy and paste this on your web search address line.

2. In the upper left just click on login.

3. login as ******* password *****

4. click on My gallery kind of upper left.

6. refer to pho.jpg listed below. Upload pictures you have on your
local computer by browsing to them.

7. once you place a c:\****\*****\.jpg on the brows line click the
below upload and name your photo.

8. the picture should appear in your gallery.

9. double click on your uploaded picture and it super sizes.

10 copy this line

and place it in your post on the Longrangehunting forum.

Hey, Have a good week, George

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