New to Spring Black Bear Hunting w/ Bow in thick Griz Area (Tetons)


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Apr 12, 2019
Jackson Hole
I'm new to bear hunting. I got chased and stalked by a large black last year while bow hunting elk. This spring I'm headed back to the same area next week, I'd like to turn the tables. I won't be baiting, is this a mistake? Suggestion on spot and stalk or Sit and wait techniques that have worked for you? For a side arm I only own a 9mm w/ hollow points and Bear Spray? Lots to unpack here but all advice will be taken to heart. Thanks all
Whatever you were you doing last year I'd try again.

Is baiting legal where you're going? Is it what you want to do? A bait can take a bit to get established, so time can be an issue.

Are you bow hunting again?

I'd probably use a combination of spot and stalk, and calling as I moved.

Depending on where you go it can be a little early.
If baiting is legal in your particular area....bait! I seriously recommend a large bore (.44 mag and up) double-action revolver ( unless you are "very" comfortable with a single-action) with heavy for caliber hard cast, wide metplat bullets. If you do not handload, Buffalo Bore has factory loaded cartridges for the calibers mentioned! Pepper spray......I highly recommend !

Definitely "NOT" hollow any caliber! NEVER! memtb
As far as hand cannons go If you're looking for an excuse to buy a heavy revolver, seams to me you've all the experience you need to become convinced you need to buy one.
Friend of mine killed a charging grizz on the peninsula last year with a 9mm. He's been guiding bears for 40 years, I wouldn't recommend it for joe average.
Just read the title a little closer. I only know the Tetons by what I read in the papers, but a bait set sounds like an invitation to problems.
In my mountain type area,hunt slide chutes.Bears there as it greens up first.As it gets later they spread out and harder to find.Dont Know done hundreds of bear stalks,the little dumb ones are easy,walk right up to you,but a quality one with a bow much harder to beat there nose,wind swirly in hills.Ive arrowed a handfull
I spot and stalk black bears every year, I hate sitting over bait; however, It is also grizzly country, I use a rifle and have my glock 10mm on my hip. I have decided a handgun is the way to go for bear protection - shoot the right bullets in your 9mm and you will be fine. You don't need to kill the bear with a handgun, you just have to convince it to not kill you.
I've been hearing from other guides in the area (Bristol Bay) about flares. I was across the creek maybe 200 yards from another group that was having a problem with a large, honest 10 + Footer, going about 1000 pounds. Don't know the guide personally but have seen him around for years. He was doing a good job with his clients but the **** bear would let him move away. The flare came out started hissing the bear took off.
Look for southern facing slopes they will green up first . If you have and gated forest service road/trails hunt them as they green up. They are trying to put back on the weight they lost in the winter .
I dont carry any spray . I'm happy with my Glock sf20 / 10 mm and hard cast ammo. Plus I have one of my 338's and 300 gr. Home grown ammo !
Injoy but be safe .. watch the wind and keep your eyes moving .
Post a picture of that Big Boy when you get him !!
You see some of this your on the right track !
.....Respectfully, flares sound like a rainforest, or coastal solution. A dry fall here in the west you could cause yourself (and everyone else in the back country) more problems than you started out to solve.
.....On the other hand sending up a smoke may help find your smoldering carcass.:rolleyes:
If baiting is legal where you go that is the way to go if you have time,to work one.You get to see usually multiple bears and pick the one you want,for size or color,from a tree stand.
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