black bear

  1. B

    My black bear

    My and dads first bears Dads is 125 lbs from va Mine is 500 from same area and same mountain. I shot mine with a 6.5 creedmoor with 124 hh One shot double lung complete pass through. Dad got his with 3006. He’s making a rug im getting a half life mount.
  2. S

    First Black Bear

    Well I saw this bear about a month ago from 550 yards away and he never gave me an opportunity because he was moving at a good pace like he was on his way somewhere important lol. Fast forward to yesterday (10/4) and I’m by myself hunting for deer in this basin I saw a giant blacktail in like 2...
  3. JH-Tater

    New to Spring Black Bear Hunting w/ Bow in thick Griz Area (Tetons)

    I'm new to bear hunting. I got chased and stalked by a large black last year while bow hunting elk. This spring I'm headed back to the same area next week, I'd like to turn the tables. I won't be baiting, is this a mistake? Suggestion on spot and stalk or Sit and wait techniques that have...
  4. 1Moose

    Bullet Question: 210 HVLD for CO Black Bear?

    I have a rifle black bear tag for Colorado that runs parallel to my bull elk muzzleloader season. We're using a drop camp, so I plan to bring my 300 WM in with me so I have the option to hunt black bear if I fill the elk tag. I'm all set with the 210 HVLD which shoots well from my rifle: just...