1. redchinviking

    Grizzly 10mm’s: FN 510 (or other non safety auto 10’s) vs Smith and Wesson m&p 2.0 with safety

    I will be headed to the MT unlimited units this fall into some high density grizz country and subsequently am in the market for a good 10mm auto polymer and had decided on the FN510 for a good host of reasons. Had one on layaway at my local gun shop when a friend of mine mentioned it’s a good...
  2. JH-Tater

    New to Spring Black Bear Hunting w/ Bow in thick Griz Area (Tetons)

    I'm new to bear hunting. I got chased and stalked by a large black last year while bow hunting elk. This spring I'm headed back to the same area next week, I'd like to turn the tables. I won't be baiting, is this a mistake? Suggestion on spot and stalk or Sit and wait techniques that have...
  3. Gale Johnson

    Montana Rifle Company Model 1999 V2 375 H&H

    I have a like new Montana with a NECG Masterpiece Fully Adj Rear Sight, Masterpiece Banded Ramp Front Sight with Partridge Sight Insert, Talley Bases and Talley Quick Detach 1" Rings, put a Scope on and your ready to go, gun is very accurate and pleasant to shoot. I bought this from original...