1. L

    Matthews Bow

    Matthews z7, 29” draw, 70 lb bow. Comes with Spot-Hog sights, trophy taker rest and matthews two piece quiver. Bow is used but in great shape. $700.00 obo.
  2. Ckgworks

    Right Handed Mathews Z7 bow

    I have a Mathews Z7, 70# limbs with 27.5" cams in it. Bare bow, with newer strings and peep sight but nothing else. It's in really nice shape, with a few minor wear spots....It looks to be well taken care of, or shot very little. I bought a guy that needed cash, out of some of his hunting...
  3. JH-Tater

    New to Spring Black Bear Hunting w/ Bow in thick Griz Area (Tetons)

    I'm new to bear hunting. I got chased and stalked by a large black last year while bow hunting elk. This spring I'm headed back to the same area next week, I'd like to turn the tables. I won't be baiting, is this a mistake? Suggestion on spot and stalk or Sit and wait techniques that have...
  4. H

    SOLD/EXPIRED Mathews Creed

    I would be interested in selling a Mathews Creed. Specs are 28.5'' draw 60/70 lbs. Lost camo. I am the original owner. I bought it brand new January 2014. I would like to get $500 for it. Pm me with any questions. Thank you.