Right Handed Mathews Z7 bow


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Mar 6, 2018
I have a Mathews Z7, 70# limbs with 27.5" cams in it. Bare bow, with newer strings and peep sight but nothing else. It's in really nice shape, with a few minor wear spots....It looks to be well taken care of, or shot very little. I bought a guy that needed cash, out of some of his hunting stuff, and this doesn't fit anyone in my family so I thought I'd throw it on here and see if anyone was interested before posting to auction. IF it was left handed, I'd keep it for a back up bow! :( I'll ship it in a older hard case for protection, but note the case has a cracked padlock loop......It works fine but you can't padlock it on that side...... Asking $325+Shipping....That's what I paid for it, (which seemed fair) so I'm firm. I would rather sell this, but may be open to trades. Nothing specific for trades at this time, so you'll have to offer something. Please PM me any questions, or trade offers! I'll get pictures posted tonight.