1. StanB

    WY Mule Deer Guides / Units - almost at max points

    A buddy and I are sitting at 12 points for mulies in WY, 2 points out of the max draw for non-resident. We're thinking it's time to burn 'em, and would love to hear from anyone with some good guide recommendations.
  2. D

    Little Hunt Video

    Put a little video together for a season that fell apart this last summer. My "long range" experience was 230 yards LOL!
  3. D

    2018 Wyoming Antelope & Elk Seaon

    Take a look. To sum up last season it was quick and went by too fast. Work had me in the office almost continuously. What time I did get I spent getting my old man his first pronghorn. That said, I did connect with a few critters and enjoy every minute!!
  4. JH-Tater

    New to Spring Black Bear Hunting w/ Bow in thick Griz Area (Tetons)

    I'm new to bear hunting. I got chased and stalked by a large black last year while bow hunting elk. This spring I'm headed back to the same area next week, I'd like to turn the tables. I won't be baiting, is this a mistake? Suggestion on spot and stalk or Sit and wait techniques that have...
  5. O

    combo hunt in wyoming antelope and deer

    My question is this, I am a non resident wanting to hunt in wyoming for antelope and mule deer at the same time, I have no points, and find the web-site and the reg. book really difficult to navigate, the unit boundaries are not the same, so trying to do the research is difficult for the same...
  6. B

    NWT Dall raffle

    If you are interested in sheep hunting and conservation check out our Dall sheep hunt raffle on our web site. http://www.wyomingwildsheep.org/cfraffle.asp $25000 sheep hunt in the NWT with Ravens Throat outfitters for $100 per ticket. only 500 will be sold and drawing is in Casper Wy at our WY...
  7. S

    Hello from Wyoming

    We live in Cheyenne and my son (10) and I hunt Varmits all year round. Prairie Dogs, Coyotes, Cottontails and Jack Rabits. I carry long and short barrel 22-250's and my son shoots 17 Remington Fireball and 243. We have several private ranches that have given us access permision (around 20,000...

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