Hello from Wyoming


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Oct 30, 2008
We live in Cheyenne and my son (10) and I hunt Varmits all year round. Prairie Dogs, Coyotes, Cottontails and Jack Rabits. I carry long and short barrel 22-250's and my son shoots 17 Remington Fireball and 243. We have several private ranches that have given us access permision (around 20,000 acres) plus we have scouted several public lands shooting spots for PD'd and coyotes.

Look forward to connecting with like minded hunters in Wyoming, Nebraska or further away.
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We are based in Cheyenne and hunt north as far a Gillette including the the National Grasslands. We also hunt within 100 miles of Cheyenne for both PD's and Coyote.

We also have just this season started hunting in Colorado just south of Sidney, NB (forces us to stop at Cabela's) on about 8,000 acres of private ground for PD's and we are looking to go after Coyotes when the season turns colder.

I should have noted our location in the post as Wyoming is a big piece of land.
Sorry I started my thread with the same title you did. I'll try to go and change that.

I'm in Cheyenne also.

Sounds like there are a few Cheyenne folks on this forum! I grew up there, now live in Laramie. Good luck hunting coyotes this winter! I will be out there when I can.......gun)
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