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Feb 3, 2009
Hey Guys, I'm trying to help a buddy out with his 25-06. I'm using a 117gr gameking. I had some R-22 around so i loaded a basic ladder with it...The gun doesn't like it at all. What are you guys using that you have found success with? This is a .75MOA gun with factory(federal TB Bearclaw) ammo, it has just been very hard to find.

Hornady Brass
BR2 primers
My Sendero likes Retumbo, H1000 and RL17.

RL17 gives about 200 fps more velocity than Retumbo and H1000 and I'm getting sub .5 MOA with 115 Ballistic Silvertips.

If you hadn't lable this thread "Masters of Reloading", I would have checked it out sooner :D


Ok, thanks guys. I had some H-1000 so i loaded him some test rounds of that and i also had some H4831 so i sent him with that as well. thanks!
Here is a couple of other powders if you can't find anything working for ya!

Hybrid 100V - Start 46.1 - 50.5 Max
Max load - 3111 fps

Winchester Supreme 780 - Start 51.3 - 54.5 Max
Max load - 3095 fps

Retumbo - Start 56.0 - 60.5 Max / Compressed
Max load - 3079 fps very accurate in my 25-06

The H1000 at a max load of 58.5C @ 3046 fps proved to be the most accurate although the Retumbo was just as good. .043 CTC at 100 meters. Usually got to fill them cases for best accuracy I always say! I also don't promote trying squeeze every bit of velocity out of a round it just so happens these velocities listed all worked best in my rifle. You will notice they are all pretty close to each other. You can expect to top out around 3200 FPS with the 117 SMK but not with these powders.
Thanks for the info...I have always had in my mind that Retumbo was always for the Larger calibers and Mags...Shows you what I know. Thanks again.
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