Longest Kill Shot ?

Elk - 400 (.375 AI)

Shiras Moose 400+ (.375 H&H)

Pronghorn - 430 (.375 AI)
110 ( S&W 44 mag., open sights)

Coyote - 280 (.375 AI)

Mule Deer - approx. 350 (.375 AI)

Whitetail - <100 (.308 Win.)

Nutria Rat - approx 80 (4" 38 Special @ night)

Duck - approx 200 to 220 ( .375 AI [sitting on water]) :eek:

Crow - approx 150, flying (.223 Rem)

Jack Rabbit - approx 100 ( S&W 44 Mag, open sights)

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I didn't take the shot, my coach did while I did the DOPE figuring and watched. We were shooting diagonal across a square mile field with a .22-250 and he takes a standing shot on a crow after we napkin math'd the firing solution. We were about 150 yards from the corner on our side. It was about 100 yards from the corner on its side. The bullet hit with just a little more energy than a pellet gun but did in fact anchor that crow to the ground. It never flew again. It did hop around a bit like it'd just closed its finger in a car door for a while but it didn't fly ever again. The irritating thing is, it was a cold bore shot.

Otherwise, I don't tend to shoot at things that are all that far away. I'm too lazy for that kind of shizzle.
Alberta, Canada - Whitetail deer lazered at 390 yards w/ a .257 Weatherby Mag.

Alaska - Sitka Blacktail deer lazered at 310 yards w/ a .375 Ruger Magnum.

Colorado - Elk ~600 yards w/ a 30-06. I was young and didn't exhibit the best hunting decisions. I could see the shots hitting at his feet, and then I basically walked the shots up to him and he dropped. I would never do it again.
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