Hunting multi day pack or backpacking multi day pack?

I have a buddy that is getting a Kifaru so I will get a chance to check one out "hands on".
And love him or hate him Aaron Snyder (owner of Kifaru) is a RIOT to listen to. He also helps a lot of people out in various ways.
I’ve always had “cheap” packs. My buddy had back issues and went with kifaru to have a comfortable pack. I tried his on and walked around my yard it cost me a lot of money. Originally I bought that pack for backpacking in. It’s kinda big, a bit heavy but it is now my day pack because of how comfortable it is. If I’m fortunate enough to harvest an animal I always am taking a heavy load out first trip comfortably. I think exo is similar in quality and comfort. Kifaru was first quality pack I tried so they got my vote. I have alot of money tied up in optics guns arrows you name it, if I had to skimp somewhere I’d keep my pack and go back to shooting corelocks out of a 30-30.
Most run of the mill high end backpacking packs can’t handle heavy meat hauling

They’re great for their intended purpose but not a strong/durable in my opinion