Day pack with rifle holder


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Oct 21, 2016
I am looking for a day pack that has a rifle holder that puts the rifle on the side of the pack and is easily accessible. Trying to get away from a day pack and a rifle with a sling combo. I saw Kuiui used to make a rifle attachment but doesn’t seem available anymore. With so many packs out there can someone set me in the right direction?
I use a Vorn deer pack, this is the 1st season with any amount of use and I highly reccomend it. I have a half of a sling connected to the forend stud and tucked into my bino case on my chest for easy removal. I'm not athletic enough to retrieve the rifle like in the ads so I had to improvise. Got mine from Europtic. Hopes this helps.
With the Vorn pack does it carry the rifle comfortably? Do you happen to know how much your rifle weighs your using it with? Thanks so much for your info.
It does carry it comfortably, takes a few times (it did me anyway) to get the hang of putting the rifle in and taking it out. If you watch the videos on youtube, there are several ways to remove the rifle, but I like what I came up with much better. Iv'e used several rifles, my main rifle is right at 9 lbs loaded and it handles it easily. The whole pack is high quality.
I use Kifaru Gun Bearers on both day and multi-day hunts. Can be attached to any pack. It can be attached to the side of the pack or under your arm for quick and easy access. (
The Kifaru Gun Bearer on, an EXO Pack ( yes, the Pack is, a little Taller than, a Day Pack but, so IS, the Rifle ), this "set up" is what I've used, the last 5- 6 years and I HIGHLY recommend them, BOTH.
I stuff, the Pack with Puffy Pants / Jacket, Lunch, Water, Kill Kit, Gloves, etc. and shoot Prone off of it ( with a Toe Rest )
I use wood, Hunter Specialties STIX ( strapped to the back of the Pack ), for shooting in, Sitting Position on, side hills !
Got 2 Elk, One Kneeling with Stix shooting over Sage Brush and one from Sitting Position, on a side hill and, a couple of Yotes with, this set up.
My whole Family uses, EXO Packs, Kifaru G. Bearer's and Wood HS Stix !
My grandson killed a 3x4 Mulie, 2 weeks ago, over Stix.
He carried Rifle, in the Gun Bearer, used Trek poles, to, top of ridge, in the Dark, by headlamp, to "set up" just before, Daylight, Shot was at, 268 yards.
My son killed, a real Nice Bull, a couple of years ago with, SAME set up ( sitting at 247 Yards ) using Pack, on Chest, to stabilize, the Rifles "Toe".
The Gun Bearer also allows you to, use Trekking Poles as you are,.. "Hands Free", to Hike.
After making a Kill, we strap the Deer or Elk quarters on, the EXO Pack and walk back to the Truck & ONE Less Trip, IF you have a GOOD Pack with, you !
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I gave one of these a shot this year and like it so far. Still use with a sling, so may not be what you are looking for.

Only downside is it doesn’t secure the bottom.
I do own a Badlands Super Day Pack and have used it for several seasons already. It mounts the rifle and or bow on the back and carries comfortably, I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but it’s an option.
I've used a Kifaru pack and their Gun Bearer for a good 10 years, and I love that thing. I can get my rifle to my shoulder and ready to shoot, far faster than a rifle sling. Plus, I love having my hands free.
I’ve used this for some years.

Usually I rather carry with my hands. I do the same with my bow. Even for 8,9, 16 miles whatever. But sometimes I switch to treking poles…or occasionally need to scale or shimmy a verticle obstacle, in which case, the pack sling was money.
I’ve got a mystery ranch pop up 28 backpack and use their hands free rifle sling. It’s a great setup and a little quicker than the kifaru, which I also have. The advantage of the kifaru is that it does hold the muzzle lower, so it’s not catching overhanging tree limbs. If I’m in the timber, I use the kifaru, if in open country or if I’m not using the pack, then it’s the mystery ranch sling.