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Thanks for all of the input, I think I will try the Marsupial first and see how it works out....general consensus seems to be pretty positive. There is a ton of useful info on this site, thanks for the opinions!!
Here's an email with a discount code I just received that might help:

With so many options of great optics to carry with you in the field. I've tried to make a pack size that fits each optimally.

If you're wondering which size to pick, check out our Sizing Guide. And if you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email, or simply give us a call at (623) 434-3403.

I truly believe we make the best binocular harness/pack on the market today. But I'd love to know what you think. Use the following code to save 5% on your first order:


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Jim Graham, Owner
You want storage… can’t beat the Alaska Guide Creations bino pack.

Great customer service too
I like Cole Tac's bino harness. It's a modular design with a couple pockets that can be attached to the main bino pouch in the front and a decently sized back pouch you can attach to the back. The back pouch gas enough space for a day hunt, and I just take it off for a bigger backpack hunt.
If you want as light weight a bino harness as you can get that still offers good protection give this a look see:

I tried quite a few other more expensive bino harness systems but they were for ME all much to bulky and were completely incompatible to wear while also wearing a back pack.
This Bino harness by Alpine is very light weight VS others and worked very well in keeping foreign matter and debris off my bino lenses and the binos themselves as well as kept the binos tight to my chest when crawling during a stalk or doing a sneakNpeak.
Have used them now for two turkey and deer seasons and I do A LOT of crawling through wet vegetation, mud and dusty forest floors especially during turkey season and they protected my 10x42 binos very well.

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