Day pack with rifle holder

Ive used a K3 rifle Carrier by EXO Mtn Gear for a long while now, it can be attached to pretty much any pack you have. Works surprisingly well for how simple it is.
My entire Family ( 4 Hunters, Now ), back pack Hunts with, EXO Packs ( different Sizes ), Kifaru "Gun Bearers" and light, Wooden, HS Specialties, Stix !
EZ to get, Rifle out of Gun Bearer, put Muzzle thru Stix then, Range Animal, "Prop up" Pack on Thigh, to Support "Toe" of Rifle for, up to 400 Yard, Sitting shots ! "Killer Method' ! My son and I Have shot 3 Bull Elk ( my 21 y/o grandson,.. 3 Deer ) with this, Method so far.
We can Hit, 5, 11" steel Plates, in a Row at, 375- 385 Yards, Sitting. ( last outing, before Fall Hunts, we Practice,.. THIS ).
My Grandson @ 12 y/o, propped up his, Tikka .243 Win over his "Stuffed" EXO Pack and using, a small Toe rest, to make a great, 268 Yard shot on a nice Muley,.. Prone !
The Muzzle's of our Rifles, are near LEVEL with, the Top of, the EXO Packs, so that, they don't, "Grab" Brush !
We use, 4 Different, Caliber Rifles, but all, AGREE that, these ARE, the best,.. "Combo's" for, Hunting / shooting, in the back Country !
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