Bino pack

Badlands Bino XR.
Magnetic closures for Bino and rangefinder, separate area for rangefinder, tethers for binos and rangefinder, plenty of storage for extra rounds, lenspen, cell phone...etc.
In mine I also keep a compass and topo maps.
When I get out of the truck to go into the woods, it's the first thing I grab.
I have both the Marsupial and Alaska Guide Creations, because I think each have great points. First, you can't get better quality and customer service than you get from Marsupial; absolutely first-class operation. My choices were driven by the size of the bino, so for Leica Geovids or Swaro 15x56s the AGC has more room, but for the other Swaros and most small to medium size binos, the Marsupials are just a solid choice. I even purchased the Marsupial shoulder harness for the AGC pack because I absolutely hate harnesses that ride up and don't stay in place. I also don't like harnesses with mesh or foam that collects stickers and burs to then poke into your back and are almost impossible to remove. The magnets in the Marsupial aren't good for pacemakers, but aside from that, they close very quietly, unless you just let the flap go, then it makes a click when closing. If you carry really large glass and want a chest mounted daypack, then go with the AGC, but if you want useable space for most binoculars with separate pouches for your rangefinder and calls, that rides close to your chest, then the Marsupial gets my vote. Many of the others, like Solo Hunter, just don't have enough room for hunting binos, though they may be suitable for casual opera attendance and bird watching if you are into that kind of stuff.
I went with Marsupial last year and really like it. The extra pockets are enough and the magnetic closure is quick and silent. Most of all it is comfortable and the back of the harness doesn’t ride up on the neck.
I second that. I tried half a dozen last year and Marsupial was by far the nicest for me. I was looking for rangefinder adjacent to it that didn't slide around on the chest strap. Magnetic closures are a must for archery. And the "fit" was perfect, it stayed up high on my chest and snug.
I have the original Kuiu and really like it because it's compact fits close to the chest and doesn't have extra pockets. You can then buy extra pouches that will fit on the sides for use when you need them and remove them when you don't. Whichever pack you choose I strongly suggest you get one that opens to the front so you can remove and replace the binoculars one handed.

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