Bino pack

I really like mine…
I've been using Alaskan Guide Creation. Really like it. Can carry my bino (10x42). Plus my rangefinder. Comfortable and well made. Good luck
Buddy has one and loves it. Pretty sure my Vortex is made by same people. Will verify tomorrow.
I have a Kuiu as well and like it. Typically run an extra pouch on each side for my LRF and extra cartridges. The mesh pouch on the side also holds my Outdoorsmans bino adapter. I own other products from Marsupial and AGC which are all quality, I am sure they make fine bino harnesses as well. You really can't go wrong with any of those three.
I'm happy with my AGC. Comfortable with some room for a few things like rangefinder, extra ammo, license. Also got their pistol holster for it, which will fit up to a Glock17/22 comfortably.
Looking at getting a good Bino pack one with a little storage, Anyone have some good recommendations they have
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