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depends on the pack's intended use. I have had several BL and Eberlestock packs. In the big scheme of things they kind of suck for any sort of hauling and are heavy for their class.

MR, SG, Kifaru, EXO and SO are all really good packs. I am trying to decide between Seek Outside and Hill People Gear right now as they are local and I would like to support them. Both great products but very different styles. From my perception HPG is more a Kifaru/MR bulletproof cordura style pack for day/couple day/hauler pack and SO, like SG and EXO are more ultralight and higher volume modern (but possibly less durable) material pack.

I am no expert though....
I'd go with Seek Outside for the quality and the versatility of some of their packs.
It's possible I'll get a S.O. pack for winter ski camping as well as hunting B/C my older Dana Designs (now Mystery Ranch) Terraplane pack weighs 7 1/2 pounds!
Eric B.
Anyone have any knowledge with SO packs please share I love their shelters but Im in the market aswell for a new upgrade changing from my EMR2
I have and use the J34 Eberlestock, or Just one Pack. Yes it is "heavy" at 7 pounds, but you know it won't break or rip when packing 100 pounds of elk meat or a full bear off the mountain. It does everything that I need it to do. It packs down super small for day pack while bow hunting or can be expanded huge with my zip in duffel if I need to pack out the whole camp in one trip. I like the riffle scabbard slot. It really is a versatile pack. Going on 6 years with this same pack and no issues on wear or tear. Super durable. Super quiet in brush as well. Lots of good packs out there - 20140919_095900crop.jpg
I have a Mystery Ranch Marshall that I loved so much, I just ordered the pintler for day hunts. My Marshall will be used for pack in hunts now.0915181626_HDR.jpg 0915182149.jpg My Marshall did phenomenal for me. Comfy, and hauled more than I should've on the last trip out this past elk season.

Ended up getting the head, hide, neck meat, front quarter and heart out. They have my business for life.
I have an eberlestock team elk. It's a bit heavy but you can pack more than you'll ever want to with it. It's kinda heavy empty but not bad. I literally backpack every day for work with a 30lb pack. My team elk comes in at 17ish pounds loaded with my gear. My partner has a stone glacier. I'm not sure what model but its definitely a step up in comfort. We're young and stupid so we know that if we bone out an elk on the mountain we can take all the meat in 1 trip. The stone glacier is more comfortable after the first hundred yards.
I really like Eberlestock design and quality BUT they are literally 2X heavier than necessary. That is why I would not buy one until this problem is fixed. And it is a problem. Eberlestock is out of step with gear that is going lighter but still is strong and durable.

Eric B.
I personally running Kifaru. Very comfortable and customer service is second to none. However Stone Glacier, Exo, and Mystery ranch are all worth looking into. If it all possible try some on.
For elk hunting, I think a load shelf is a must. I personally like Mystery Ranch the best. Have had multiple and find the Mystery Ranch Pintler the perfect pack for me. It is big enough to get all my gear in it, yet small enough for a day hunt. It's load carrying capabilities will only be limited by your physical fitness. It has a very padded waist belt, adjustable torso and chest strap.

You really need to try some one, get a feel for them. Make a purchase. Pack some meat. Sell and buy again until you find what you are looking for. Standing in a store in a t-shirt and no weight is very hard to judge a pack fit and feel until you put 100-150 pounds on it.

Good luck,
I just picked up a Kifaru EMR2 it packs down to 2400cu in up 8400cu in or so. Its dimensionally big, but pretty light IMO, seems to be one of their premier hunting packs. Its got plenty of pockets and what not. Should take everything I have and also pack down enough for day trip use.

Not cheap though but it will last me a lifetime.
I have had my Eberlstock Just One for around 10 years, no it's not light empty but it is very tough. I just finished up a Caribou hunt in Alaska.
I see no reason to change as long as it keeps working.
From Backpacking to hauling meat to using it as my day pack it just works.
I will be using it again in a couple weeks in Iowa for Muzzleloader season. I like that it is a quiet pack also.
Mystery Ranch is a proven company. I bought a terraplane through a sale and discount code/ free shipping via one of the major online backpacking companies(moosejaw, backcountry etc). For less than $250 I bought one of the longest in production, and most comfortable backpacks out there. Carried 1/3 of an elk out this year and it was shockingly comfortable. Several of my buddies have spent lots of money to find anything comparable.

Also, the layout is perfect but the newer terraplane can be modified for a daypack layout.


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