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I have a Kifaru spike camp. Internal frames usually allow you to get a load tighter to your back for better weight distribution and balance. A proper fit, hip belt and shoulder lift straps are a must
I have a stone glacier 5900 and have on many occasions had over 100lbs of meet in it. Although it is very very light it’s very durable you barely notice it when you have a days worth of gear in it. Mystery ranch is a great pack but heavy in comparison. My buddy helped me pack my Bull out this year with his kifaru and he really likes it there are too many really nice packs now a days to say one is the best my suggestion would be spend the money on a nice one And don’t look back hard to go wrong with any I’ve mentioned
For me I have chosen Kifaru. By far the most comfortable packing heavy loads as in 65+lbs. Any high quality pack can do up to 60 relatively comfortable but to me the real test is 65 plus lbs. Packing over 100lbs sucks no matter what but it doesnt kill me anymore. Nothing has carried like my Kifaru and i have some back and hip issues along with having my knee replaced so I had been trying all the big name packs except kuiu. Good luck
I bought a Kuiu Ico Pro 3200 for this season. Loved it.
Buddy had dropped a bull the day prior and was packing it out. After hunting all I had made my way to him. Load sling a remaining front quarter, bone in, and made his list trip with him, 1 mile to the ATVs. I was very happy. He has a Mystery Ranch Pintler and likes the pack but said it was very uncomfortable to load sling with.
2 days later I dropped a bull. Load sling a front quarter 3/4 mile to the ATVs. I dropped all my gear and headed back in. Buddies helped and I had a hind quarter and the skinned head (little 4pt bull). Load sling with the empty pack. While it worked it was actually easier to load sling with the pack full. Makes for a heavier pack but worked better. I have since picked up a load hauler for this purpose.
When I got home I made the comment to my wife about loving the pack. Only problem was it was to comfortable thus I carried to much stuff!
As many have said; there are a LOT of great packs out there, and the only way to figure out which is "best" for you, is to try as many as you can, with as many different loads as you can.

My experiences are as follows, and that's it; only MY experience. Under 75lbs., I'll use anything, but like my Stone Glacier best. 80-100lbs, either the SG, or the old Kifaru with the EMR II. My old knees won't take it anymore, but when they did...anything 100lbs+ was the Barneys. Always thought it was strange how the Barney's wasn't the most comfortable for me, but was hands down the best when packing more than you should.
Kifaru gets my pick, but Exo and MR are top notch too.
Kifaru for modularity and weight carrying ratio
Exo are nice and slimline, etc

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