finding a smith


Jan 21, 2010
i live in southeast ks and long range shooting isnt really popular here so needless to say trying to find a good gun smith out here isnt going so good i found on ( vandyke rifles) but i would like to be able to choose from more then one does anyone know of any in ks or near southeast ks? thanks alot.
IMHO, I've quit limiting my gunsmith search to local shops. After a local gunsmith screwed up my Colt Commander, I decided to start my search for all future gunsmith work with "Who's good?" instead of "Who's close?" Then once I find several quality smiths, I can factor in location.

Shipping firearms, especially long guns, isn't that difficult or expensive. As a guy with a boogered-up pistol, I've learned that overnight shipping is a small price to pay for quality work!
Use Kevin Cram he already responded to your post and I will vouch for him as fas as his skill with your rifle.


+1 agreed. I have a pretty good smith in my area and he has done a few things for me in the past including a great repair of a wood stock on an old model 64 Winchester. But, when it comes to the kind of shooting most of the members on this sight strive for, it's better to find someone who specializes in this type of work.

For me, I wanted to use one of the sponsors here on this site. They all provide a lot of help for all of us and continue to help improve the sport.
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